Improved Academic Achievement for Middle and High School Youth

Northeast Los Angeles FamilySource Center

Barrio Action Youth & Family Center manages the Northeast Los Angeles FamilySource Center (FSC). The FSC is funded by the City of Los Angeles Community Investment for Families Department (CIFD) through Federal, State, and local funds, and serves as the City’s delivery system for anti-poverty initiatives and essential social services. The FSC is a one-stop center that provides a continuum of core services designed to financially empower poor, very-low, and low-income families to become more self-sufficient by increasing family income through the provision of financial security programs, homelessness prevention and to preparation of low-income youth to graduate from high school and qualify for post-secondary education.

Barrio Action Youth & Family Center is seeking bids to subcontract with qualified organizations that are skilled and experienced in providing Improved Academic Achievement for Middle and High School Youth as outlined below for the Northeast Los Angeles FamilySource Center.

The primary funding sources for this bid are a combination of Community Development Block Grant, Community Services Block Grant, and City General Funds.

The anticipated term of the FamilySource contract is September 1, 2023, through June 30, 2024, with an option to extend for an additional two years and the anticipated contract amount is $50,000.

Scope of work: Barrio Action Youth & Family Center is seeking a Tutoring/Homework Assistance Contractor to provide tutoring activities for middle and high school students. Tutoring activities shall be focused on math and language arts/reading and include one-on-one instruction and/or homework assistance. Tutoring activities may also include writing activities, cognitive skill activities, and reading opportunities with the goal of increasing grade level advancement.

Deliverables: Under this contract, subcontractors are required to recruit a minimum of 80 unduplicated youth, grades 6th to 12th to participate in tutoring and academic support services. Parents/guardians of the 80 participants must be enrolled in the FamilySource Center.

The desired academic outcomes for the enrolled youth include improved math and English skills, improve work habits work habits and school attendance.

Subcontractors are required to submit monthly programmatic progress reports along with cash requests forms by the 7th day of each month.

Each proposer will be required to meet the minimum quantitative Performance Measures:

Performance Measures

  • Minimum 80 of Unduplicated youth to be Served along with 80 parents or guardians.
    • Performance Goal: 160
  • Minimum 80 of Unduplicated Clients Achieving increased academic achievement
    • Performance Goal: 80
  • Minimum 80 Unduplicated Clients receiving intensive case management
    • Performance Goal: 80

The following are the Youth Outcomes Indicators for Improved Academic Achievement goals:
Improved School Attendance, Improved Reading, Math Levels, Completed A-G Course, Completed an Advanced Placement Course, Completed SAT or ACT, Completed Summer School or Accredited Online Program, Completed a College Course while in High School, Re-entered the school system, Maintained school enrollment for students who re-entered the school system, Completed a Structured, Seasonal Program/Training Activity, Graduated from High School, Entered Post-Secondary Education or Career Technical Education, Obtained post-secondary education, Financial Aid

Barrio Action Youth & Family Center will review the progress of the above annual objectives in month 9 (May 2024) of the contract period.

ELIGIBLE BIDDERS (Threshold Requirements):
Eligible bidders are invited to submit proposals indicating their interest in this project. Bids will be accepted only from community-based, non-profit organizations that meet the following criteria. Bidders must meet the following criteria to be eligible:

  1. Be qualified to conduct business in the State of California as evidenced by the organization’s business registration with the California Secretary of State.
  2. Be in good standing with the Secretary of State, if a corporation or limited liability company.
  3. Have not been determined to be non-responsible or been disbarred by the City pursuant to the Contractor Responsibility Ordinance.
  4. Have not been disbarred by the federal government, State of California, or local government.
  5. Have a minimum of five (5) years continuous experience in providing services comparable to those solicited herein.
  6. Not have any outstanding debt which has not been repaid or for which a department agreement plan has not been implemented, if the proposer has previously contracted with the State of California or the City of Los Angeles. If it has contracted with the CIFD, it must not have any outstanding disallowed costs or other liability to the City or be on corrective action for the current fiscal year.
  7. Not have conflict of interest with any parties involved in this contract, either through the awarding of this contract or through the provision and receipt of services.
  8. Disclosure of any political contributions to City Officials.

Bidders shall include three brief program narratives that describe their demonstrated ability and program design, as well as budget forms that detail costs associated with the project. Narratives are not to exceed two pages. Budget forms do not count toward the two-page limit. All bids are to include a budget of up to $50,000.


  • Describe your organization background and experience in providing Tutoring/Homework Assistance to low- and moderate-income individuals/families as outlined in the scope of work, within the last five (5) years.


  • Describe your proposed program design to meet the performance measures outlined in the scope of work.


  • Provide a brief narrative summarizing your financial stability based on your agency’s past 24-month financial statements. This may include but not be limited to balance sheets or statements of financial position, statement of income, and statement of cash flow.
  • Using the following Budget Forms: Budget Summary, Schedule of Personnel Costs, Budget Detail, & Budget Narrative, describe in detail your proposed costs in providing your proposed scope of work for a 10-month funding period of 09/01/2023 -06/30/2024.
  • Under this grant, all subcontractors, any staff funded in whole or in part of these grant funds, shall be paid a salary that is consistent with the City’s Living Wage Ordinance of $22 per hour. Living wage exemptions will not be granted for the FSC program because, as the City’s anti-poverty program, it does not align with the FamilySource System’s vision of lifting families out of poverty.
  • Also include any non-federal Matching / Leveraged Resources / Funds.

Bids will be evaluated and rated from 1- 30 points based on the bid package submitted.

Bid Release: 08/10/2023
Bid Submission Deadline: 08/25/2023

Responses will be evaluated and a notice to proceed will be effected no later than: 08/31/2023

Please submit a written proposal by to the attention of: Tammy Membreno

All bids must be received by Friday, August 25, 2023, by 6:00pm. Bids must be signed and dated to be considered.

If selected, you will be required to provide a copy of your City of Los Angeles business license, proof of insurance, proof of registration with (must not be debarred, suspended, or otherwise excluded from participation in Federal assistance programs), and a copy of your Workers Compensation Insurance Coverage.

Contact: Tammy Membreno, President & CEO
ATTACHMENT: Budget Forms


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